Weight Loss Pills

Gone are the days where you need to choke on weight loss pills or swallow nasty tasting weight loss shakes. Agel products are naturally delicious nutrients suspended in a small gel pack. Its a complete nutritional supplements delivered in a new concept. Easy to digest and conveniently portable. Suspension gel technology is highly effective absorption of nutrients allowing incredible bioavailability.

Agel products for the weight loss management program comprises of FIT, OHM, VLT and GRN.

Weight loss supplements are usually in pills form, liquid or powders. Tablets are small, compact, easy to carry and simple to transport – that is where the benefits end. Pills are dried ingredients powders with filler chemicals and chemical binders. These rock solid weight loss pills are hard to ingest and its difficult for the digestive system to break up the nutrients. This break up process may take up to 3-4 hours before the active ingredients enter the bloodstream. What happens when the tables are undigested ? It stays in your digestive system causing more damage than weight loss results.



Weight loss should not be considered to be a quick fix. Effective weight management requires changes in diet, a good exercise regime and proper supplement intake.

If you often find yourself consuming more food than you should or more food than you need to, why do you think that you do so? Are you just stuffing yourself because you are restless or does your body sense that you are craving for food?

FIT has super CitriMax Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) helps curb your appetite so you reduce your food intake. This ingredient will increase fat burning activity and inhibit fat synthesis and storage in your body. With the support of a good diet and exercise regime, your weight loss goals can be achieved 3 times faster.

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