7 Myths About Weight Loss

Who else wants the body of a teenager even if you’re over 30 or over 50? Everyone wants it across the world but hardly achieve it. The truth is, you’ve may have been likely following wrong information contained in the 7 common myths about weight loss and shaping up that will keep you fat and flabby.

The following information exploits these myths and provides you with the correct knowledge, including the new ultra-advanced weight loss product.

Myth 1 – I can lose fat by eating on a low-calorie diet only. I do not need to exercise.

FACT: When you reduce your calorie intake without exercising, your body is designed to perceive that if will not need muscle in the future but rather need fat. Therefore, your body will actually start burning a lot of your muscle for energy and  your body fat percentage will slowly increase. Your metabolic rate  or better known as calorie burning rate will significantly drop making fat loss very challenging for your body, extremely slow and likely impossible.

Myth 2 – All I need to do to lose fat and shape up is minimal exercise such as walking or jogging

FACT: Walking or other minimal activities will do next to nothing to cause you to lose fat because it burns minimum extra calories. And your body will not shape up because the activities does not adequately stress the muscles. How many slim and shapely walkers have you even seen ? Also, people who think they can get away without any exercise or diet will face severe consequences as you see as you read on.

Myth 3 – I can lose fat and shape up by eating vegetables and pasta and doing aerobic exercise such as jogging, tennis, treadmills, stair machines, exercise bikes or aerobic classes.

FACT: Aerobic exercise also does not sufficiently put stress on the muscles and in time will actually lead to flabby muscles as many long-time aerobic instructors experience.

The vegetables and  pasta diet will deprive your body of essential protein needed to maintain muscles mass and to add the proper muscle needed for good body shaping. Muscle increases how much calorie you can burn. A pound of muscle burns 30 calories per day to maintain while a pound of fat takes nearly zero calories to maintain.

Myth 4: I don’t want to do weight exercise (anaerobic exercise) because I don’t want to gain muscle, and when I stop exercising, the muscle will turn to fat.

FACT: It is impossible to turn muscle into fat. Muscle and fat are two completely different chemical compositions. Unused muscle, simply atrophies. Females cannot gain male type muscle with weight training unless they consume male hormones pills. Every pound of muscle that you put on will burn over 10 000 extra calories a year. Therefore, you can eat more food and still lose or not gain fat.

Myth 5: Anaerobic exercise done with weight takes too long and does not feel good.

FACT: Most people falsely believe that you need to anaerobic exercise many hours to get muscle shaping and lose fat. The fact is that weight training has become so far advanced and efficient that most champion builders now only exercise 45 minutes a time only 4 times a week.


Myth 6 : I already have my own set exercise routine. I do the same thing each week and I’m comfortable with it.

FACT: This is one of the worst myth that keeps people fat and flabby. This is because when you do a set routine in time, you will actually start to again lose muscle mass and gain fat. The reason: the body is designed to be very efficient in all things including tasks that require muscle power. When you do the same exercise time after time, the muscle system which includes the neurological structure and muscles, will develop an efficiency to do the same task with less muscle power.

Myth 7: I don’t need professional help to lose weight and shape up. I get tips from other people in the gym.

FACT: Most people, especially men, think they know how to exercise with weights from the hearsay “knowledge” that they pick up in the gym from friends and other members. But most of this “knowledge” is wrong. For example, most people falsely believe that you can flatten your abdomen with sit ups. You will never flatten your abdomen with sit ups. To flatten your abdomen you must do a number of little known advanced abdominal exercises and also exercise certain other muscle away from the abdominal area.

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